Children and young people with speech, language, and communication needs (SLCN) have difficulty in communicating with others. This may be because they have difficulty -

  • saying what they want to
  • understanding what is being said to them
  • understanding or use social rules of communication

Children and young people with neurodiverse needs, including Asperger’s Syndrome and Autism are likely to have particular difficulties with social interaction. They may also experience difficulties with language, communication, and imagination, which can impact on how they relate to others.

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Local Offer

Hull and East Riding Children's Neurodiversity Service

Hull and East Riding Children's Neurodiversity Service is a true partnership where children’s services work together with the child or young person and their family to understand what support is needed and how to help.

Sensory Processing Service

The Sensory Processing Service is a specialist service providing support to children who have sensory processing difficulties. This service is for children with a Hull or East Riding GP.

Paediatric Speech and Language Therapy (SALT)

The Paediatric Speech and Language Therapy are an experienced team of speech and language therapists and assistants providing specialist and mainstream services to children with SLCN.

Humber and North Yorkshire Dynamic Support Keyworker Service

The Humber and North Yorkshire Keyworker Service supports autistic people and people with a learning disability or both up to the age of 25, with the most complex needs and are inpatients in, or at risk of being admitted to, a mental health inpatient unit.

Support and advice offer

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