The Local Authority has a range of support in place which schools may use. This includes outreach and in-reach services.

Outreach provides specialist assessment, consultation and advice. This is to enable schools to meet the needs of children.

A child will usually attend in-reach sessions twice per week. Specialist staff will observe, assess and provide interventions.

Support may also be given to parents, putting them in touch with other parents of children with similar needs and referring to other potential support services and groups. They may also allow children time to meet with other children who have similar needs and reduce feelings of isolation.


The Integrated Specialist Public Health Nursing Service teams deliver a variety of services across the East Riding. It is delivered by  6professional teams across the East Riding. These teams are comprised of -

  • specialist community public nurses
  • family nurse practitioners
  • breastfeeding specialists
  • public health nurses
  • nursery nurses
  • health care assistants