Transition Protocol

The Transition Protocol supports the transition of young people with special educational needs and disabilities from age 14 (year 9) to adulthood.

Hull Preparing for Adulthood Guide

A guide for young people and their families or carers when preparing for Adulthood.

Transition Guides - Council for Disabled Children

Transition refers to the process of moving into adulthood and the things that need to be in place to live independently.

It also refers to the process of moving from child services to adult services. Transition planning normally start around the age of 14 and can include everything from work experience and employment to housing and benefits.

The links and resources below refer specifically to planning transition and what good processes should look.

Visit the Council for Disabled Children website for more information.

Planning Your Child's Future - Transitioning from Child to Adult (Cerebra)

The days are long, but the years are short. Words that I never truly understood until my daughter arrived. They will always be our children, but in a flash, they become teenagers and then young adults.

We can never start planning for our children’s future and their transition from child to young adult too early. As babies and toddlers, we can predict their needs, pre-empt their troubles, and cuddle them when they are sad.

But as they grow older, some of those needs are not so predictable, and it can be more about helping them find the right path and giving them all the resources they need to help them along that journey.

The transition into adulthood actually starts much earlier than many of us believe – or like to admit. We all think of adults as being those aged over 18, and yes, that does signify adulthood, but those aged 16 and 17 years, are recognised as young people in their own right.

Visit the Cerebra website for more information.

Moving into Adult Services - Contact

Disabled people over 18 years old have their needs met by adult care and support. This means that a disabled child receiving support from children’s services will be transitioned to adult care and support when they turn 18.

Visit the Contact website for more information.